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The Aidi (Arab puppy in Tunisia)is perceived as originating from North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Marroco, presumably starting in the Sahara. The canine has never acted as a sheepdog despite the fact that the 1963 standard was distributed under the name Atlas Sheepdog; this was adjusted in 1969. A brave canine, the Aidi existed and worked in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Libya, and Algeria securing his manager and property from wildcats, different predators, and outsiders. This breed has likewise been known as the Berber, after the Berber tribes who used it, and looks to some extent like the Pariah canine who is accepted to impart its parentage. As a defender of the desert migrant tribes, the most caution and forceful mutts were staked around the border of the camp during the evening. The Aidi has not been exceptionally respected by the tribes generally, as are most pooches other than the Sloughi and different breeds viewed as honorable. Then again, Moroccans have as of late structured a club to secure the virtue of the breed which has helped such a great amount in such a variety of parts, as defender, seeker, police pooch, and pet. Despite the fact that the Aidi has been utilized essentially as a working puppy, he has ended up more normal as a house pooch in the nation. This breed additionally makes a decent urban pet on the off chance that he is given undertakings and practice enough to keep him fulfilled and euphoric.



The Aidi is lean and brawny. It has a substantial plumed tail and medium-sized ears that are tipped forward. Its jaws are solid with tight dark or tan lips. The eyes are medium with a dim shade and dull edges. The Aidi has a decreased gag with a dark or tan nose that typically matches the layer. The cover of the Aidi is course, thick and climate safe. Cover shades incorporate dark, white, high contrast, brownish and pale red.





Dependable, warm, quiet and extremely defensive of his gang. Caution, intrepid and reliable in the vicinity of peril. This is an exceedingly vivacious pooch that adores to run and investigate, which makes it an extraordinary competitor for such games as flyball, dexterity and following. They are likewise greatly tender and devoted friends to their human relatives. On the off chance that you decide to add one of these pooches to your family unit, you will have a companion forever. The Atlas Mountain pooch is a canine with numerous gifts. Not just do these pooches make incredible chasing mutts and watchman puppies, however they make fabulous competitors and family pets too. When you have an Atlas Mountain canine in your home, you could make certain that no two days will ever be the same again.



The Aidi ought to be taken for long day by day strolls.



Chart book Mountain Dog’s coarse and climate safe layer needs week after week brushing.


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