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This breed was acquainted with North America in the 1970s by Americans Judith and David Nelson who had been leading research on white coloured pooches in Turkey.

Archeological proof proposes that the most punctual civic establishments emerged in the parts of the world started to tame creatures and develop (or train) plants. In short request there would have been a requirement for domesticated animals security pooches to nurture the animals.


The other white types of domesticated animals insurance pooches from around the globe incorporate, yet may not be constrained to:

Aidi or Chien De L’atlas, initially from North Africa (favored shade white, however different shades show up)

Incredible Pyrenees, of the Pyrenees Mountain territory in France and Spain (may have light/med. spots)

Greek Sheepdog, from Greece

Komondor from Hungary

Kuvasz from Hungary (white or ivory)

Maremma-Abruzzese Sheepdog, from the Maremma fields and from the Abruzzi sloping area of Italy (may have light yellow/orange on the ears)

Shine Tatra Sheepdog or Owczarek Podhalanski, from Poland

Romanian Sheepdog or Carpathian Sheepdog, from Romania (typically white with pied tan)

Slovak Cuvac or Slovensky Tchouvatch, from Slovakia

South Russian Ovtcharka or South Russian Sheepdog.



This strong white group watchman puppy is furnished with sharp listening to and unrivalled quality. Its white, climate safe, twofold, short to medium length layer is coarse and non-tangling, with next to no doggy smell. The Akbash has a gigantic head and capable jaws. The V-molded ears are situated high with the tips marginally adjusted, level to the skull, and are conveyed pendant. Foreign made Turkish canines may have trimmed ears. Its almond formed eyes are situated well separated and notably angled. Eye shade changes from light brilliant tan to exceptionally dim tan. The neck is solid and bulky, medium long and curves at the peak. It has solid, extensive, overall curved toes. The nails are limited and ash, tan or white. The cushions are thick, hard, flexible and regularly dim. The tail is long, arriving at to the pawns. There is a flexible, springy nature to the stride.





The Akbash Dog is a primitive watchman puppy breed, obliging holders who comprehend canine conduct. The canines are a blending of resigned posing with animals and strength hostility to remained up against bears and wolves. They oblige holders devoted to consistent socialization if kept as buddies. They are commonly canine forceful. Nearby with sights and sounds all over, hindrance disappointment hostility is basic. This is a genuine working breed and is best put where it can have a vocation to do. They are pioneers for assuming control so they are best put with kids in excess of eight years old, when the tyke can take an interest in accommodation works out, with a grown-up, on the puppy. Yelping and watching is their essential method for guard thus they will bark if out during the evening. Inconvenience generally happens when companions come over and aren’t managed by somebody the canine knows. As a gatekeeper/watchman canine breed, the prepared and standardized pooch will concede to the manager when the holder is available and will be well disposed and upbeat to visiting guests, then again they consider unsupervised individuals as suspicious. This is an insightful, gutsy and unwavering canine, totally devoted and dedicated to its manager and any domesticated animals in its charge. Autonomous with solid defensive senses.

The Akbash is a regular watchman that even at an exceptionally adolescent age will bond unequivocally with the animals it is ensured. It has such solid maternal impulses that sheep will frequently permit this pooch to sniff and clean their infant sheep and will run behind their gatekeeper when debilitated. On account of their solid maternal senses, they are generally great with babies. The canine’s autonomous nature permits it to react quickly and without direction in a crisis. There is no distinction in guarding capability between the male and female. A percentage of the creatures the Akbash Dog has watched incorporate sheep, goats, dairy cattle, steeds, poultry and fascinating winged animals, deer, alpacas and llamas. Once fortified, these puppies won’t falter to hazard their own particular lives to secure their charges. The Akbash Dog has even been utilized by American farmers to avert bears and coyotes. Due to its solid autonomous nature, it reconsiders after accepting orders. Not proposed for first time pooch holders, or individuals who don’t wish to have a genuine gatekeeper puppy. Friendly puppy managers ought to be arranged to use a decent lot of cash on great fencing and a ton of time for socialization and keeping up the people pack pioneer status over the pooch. The Akbash canine needs a firm, however quiet, sure, steady holder.



They are a low action level pooch, additionally an amazing sports canine obliging along every day walk and a great deal of space to circled off its lead.



The hard layer is clean, non-inhaling and non-tangling however, does oblige brushing to help the shedding methodology. They are above normal shedders.


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