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Australian Shepherd


Australian Sheperd

The Australian Shepherd is usually known as the Aussie. It is a breed of dog that was found to settle on ranches in the western United States as early as the 1800s.  In spite of its name, the breed was not developed in Australia. This breed rose gradually with the flourishing of western riding after World War I. They began to berecognized to the general public through Disney movies,competitions and horse shows.

For numerous years, Aussies have been appreciated for their versatility and trainability by stockmen. They somewhat looks like the Border Collie and English Shepherd breed. While they remain to work as stock dogs and contend in herding trials, the breed has received recognition in due to their trainability and keenness to please and for their skills in obedience. Being a working breed, the Aussie has substantial energy and determination, and usually desires a job to do. It frequentlyshines at dog sports such as  agility, frisbee an, flyball, They are also highly successful rescue dogs, detection dogs,  disaster dogs, therapy dogsguide and service.


Physical traits:


The Australian shepherd is aaverage sized breed of muscular build. They can weigh from 14–29 kgsand  possesses  height from 43–66 cms.

As per the ASCA standard , the Australian shepherd should stand between 46–58 at the withers, and females being 46–53 cms and males measuring 51–58 cms.


Aussies are found in various colors like black, blue merle, red (called liver), white and grey and red merle. Each of these colors may also have white markings in various regions like the face, legs and chest,also tan(copper)  points may be seen. a black or red dog with white trim but no copper is named bicolor or bi. A black or red dog with white and copper trim is called tricolor or tri.

There is also great variety found in the breed’s eye color. It may be of any shade of brown or blue; there are dogs of this breed having two different colored eyes, or even split eyes half brown, half blue which seem like the merle coloration.



A characteristic of the breed, is its tail. Some Aussies are born with naturally bobbed tails while the Others possess full long tails, and rest of the dogs with natural fractional bobs, where the tail is mid long and looks stubby.


Australian Sheperd



The breed is very energetic, needful of a big deal of exercise and care,although some dogs arepeaceful and easy-going. The dog enjoys working, learning and practicing tricks as it is playful. It loves competing in dog agility any such physically and mentally involving activity.

Dogs sometimes show aloof and cautious watchingor guarding behaviors but they are gentle, loving, and dedicated to those they are familiar to.. They possess loyalty towards their owners, because, it is liable to bark cautions about neighbourhood activity but usually it is not into obsessive barking. The breed is considered to be highly intelligent and versatile dog with a range of working styles.

Australian shepherds can become tremendously destructive if their energy is not directed in a progressive way. Theyneed minimum of 2–3 hours of play, exercise, and care. They blossom in rural, ranch type conditions, and need spacious surroundings to run and play the dog requires work and learning tricks keeps them happy.



There are some health problems that the breed can have. Vision problems are commonly seen. Epilepsy is also a concern. For merle to merle breeding, the puppies who inherited two copies of the merle gene have tendency to be blind or deaf.The median life spans for breeds are mostly between 11 and 13 years. Grounded on a sample range, the most common health issues noted by owners were eye problems like epiphora,red eye,conjunctivitis, and cataracts. Dermatological and respiratory issues are also high ranked.

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