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Australian Terrier


Australian Terrier

The Australian terrier, initially recognized by the name of the Blue-and-Tan Terrier, the Broken-coated Terrier or the Australian Rough Coated Terrier, the Blue Terrier, and today lovingly identified as the “Aussie“, is one of tiniest working terriers. In 1960 Terrier was acknowledged into the registry of the AKC (American Kennel Club), the Australian Terrier is also known for its small stature, plucky individuality and jagged long fleece. In 1977 Australian Terrier Club of America joined the AKC. This small terrier race was developed purposely to control vermin, alert, brave and very self-assured, with all the normal assertiveness of a rodent-seeking terrier and with natural affection for human friendship.

The standard Australian Terrier is about 10 to 11 inches in height at the withers, and their normal weight is about 10 to 15 pounds. They are longer than they are elevated and are described as little, hairy and short-legged. Their harsh, intense bumpy fur reaches up to 2 ½ inches; their undercoat is small and spongy. Their coat requires reasonable continuation. Aussies can be lying face down in any skin conditions which can occur if they are not cleaned on a daily basis.



Australian Terriers are consider to be descendents of the Rough-Coated Terrier, a close family member of the old Scotch Dog of Scotland, Britain, which existed in Tasmania since the near the beginning of 1880’s. It seems that, the Rough-Coated Terriers were crossbred with many other terrier kinds to create the sturdy, fearless and weatherproof little dog that the Australian settlers wanted to control rodents and snakes, guard the farmhouse and be an adored family escort. There appears to be a agreement among historians that the breeds used in the progress of the Australian Terrier comprises the precursors of the Norwich, Scottish, Skye , Yorkshire and Manchester (formerly the old Black-and-Tan) terriers. The Cairn and Irish terriers may also have contributed to the mix up. The resultant heavy and physically powerful Australian Terrier was an outstanding ratter and snake killer. Nowadays, they are still very accepted working and faithful buddy dogs for shows, home or farm.


Australian Terriers are little, powerful dogs with typical terrier attributes. They have long heads, upright ears, twinkling eyes. They are somewhat longer than they are tall. Aussies have a soft basecoat and a fat, coarse outer fur that should feel jagged to the touch. Their hair is not more than two inches long along the body length, but grows longer around the head and chest. Their tails of terrier are docked and erect and aware at all times. The Australian Terrier doesn’t come in a broad range of sizes. Their standard size is from 10 to 11 inches at the shoulder and weight range is from 14 to 16 pounds at prime of life.

Aussies comes in three color variety: blue and tan (tan body with a blue saddle), red, and sandy. The color should be richer.

Australian Terrier



The Australian Terrier is the quietest kind of terrier. Keen to satisfy and well-trained, Australian Terriers, even though less “yappy” than their counterparts, are spunky, argumentative, determined and full of behaviors. Although tiny, these working dogs are sturdy and always watchful, making them outstanding watchdogs. And not like other terriers, Australians can with no trouble coexist with other pet animals.

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