Know about Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Austrian Black and Tan Hound


Austrain Black and Tan Hound


The Austrian Black Tan hound is a beautiful breed of smell hounds, inhabitant to Austria. A successor of the Celtic hounds, foxhounds , and bloodhounds, this breed is not only large, but has also acquired an brilliant odor trailing skill, making it one of the finest game tracking dogs, even at far above the ground altitudes.



The Australian Black and Tan Hound also recognized as the Brandlbracke originated in Austria. The same with any other antique breeds of dogs the Brandlbracke’s foundation is kind of dull given that no evidence of the genuine history of the breed’s existence. Nevertheless it is said that this Austrian hound has descended from the earliest Celtic Hounds but these Celtic Hounds do have a good history. These relatives of the Brandlbracke were preferred by warrior as they were used as war dogs. These dogs also became the beloved of crowned heads.

In 1884, the Australian Black and Tan Hound was acknowledged as a different breed. This breed is supposed to be personally related to the Begian St. Hubert and the Jura Hounds from Switzerland. The Brandlebracke, called so because of the fire red markings all over the dog’s fur was mainly used to hunt hare and foxes and to trail injured game in the high altitude of the Austrian Mountains. These dogs are quiet good hunters also. They would trail a prey sneakily. The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is still considered to be an exceptional breed.



These Austrian Black and Tan Hound have head with Broad skull, Straight Nose Bridge and Strong muzzle. Their ears are set on high, medium in length but not too broad and hanging flat against the cheeks. They have dark brown eyes. Their Body is long with strong neck and well-pronounced withers. The Austrian Black and Tan Hound have broad chest, and long back. The fur is quite smooth, dense, very close-lying about 2cm in length.

Austrain Black and Tan Hound




This Austrian Black and Tan Hound breed is known to be particularly healthy and there are no exceptional health concerns. Though, one should take into concern that dogs of this breed, just like any other dogs, need their ordinary fur brushing an infrequent bath. Their diet should be a reasonable one and they should be fed dog food, not human food this can affect their health. Spicy human food can demolish their sense of smell, feeding sugar can get them diabetes problem and important thing is to making sure that they get sufficient work out, as or else they could get too fat.



The Austrian black and tan hounds are trouble-free to be bothered for. Different long haired breeds, these dogs do not need much grooming. Once a week brushing is sufficient and bathing is to be done only when necessary. The nails should be trimmed frequently and the ear flaps are to be cleaned on a habitual basis to evade the growth of any ear infections.

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