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Austrian Pinscher


Austrian Pinscher


The Austrian Pinscher is a average vast breed of pinscher type dog from Austria , where dogs of this type were initially farm dogs, keeping barns free from rats and act as home guard, domestic animals guardians and drovers. In 1928 the first name given to this race was Austrian Shorthaired  Pinscher to distinguish it from likely named breeds, but today in its country of origin the breed is authoritatively named as the Österreichischer Pinscher or Austrian Pinscher in English.



The existence of paintings from the 18th century that show’s dogs almost indistinguishable to today’s Austrian Pinscher. They are probably descended from these dogs and were evolving as an all purpose farm dog, used for lashing and guarding the farm animals and also act as rat catchers. Selective breeding was not started until 1921, when these dogs were still abundant in Austria, and in 1928 they were first documented by the FCI (Federation Cynologique International). They never gained popularity outside of farm life; today the Austrian Pinscher is becoming more and more rare breed, even in its native soil.



Like most of the other farm dogs trained for work rather than to be a pet, the looks can diverge at enormous deal, even though there is a definite breed standard in general, the Pinscher is normally balanced strong and sturdy dog, with  length of withers from 19-19 inches (33 – 48 cm). This race has button ears and a head described as being formed like a pear. The double fur layer is short to medium long, in a variety of colors like yellow, black or red and tan colors, normally with white markings on the face, feet, tip of tail and chest. The extended tail is held high, and dogs of this breed should look sparkling and attentive. They are heavier than normal dogs, more strong and rectangular in form than the German Pinscher.

This breed has medium-sized short body. The head has conical figure with a short nose. The eyes are round shaped, full-size and have dark shade. The ears have the correct size and are folded down the head. The neck length is short and has strong muscles in neck. The tail is short or can be cut short and carried upped. The skin has short hair, brawny, well adhere to the body, yellow colored in unusual shades, brown colored striped.

Austrian Pinscher



The Austrian Pinscher is normally known as a vigorous and jovial breed, they do bear few health troubles, including: elbow dysplasia, likeliness to extend cancer, progressive retinal atrophy, primary lens luxation – dislocation of the lens, ectropian-folding outward of the eye lid, entropian – folding inward of the eye lid, obesity.



Austrian Pinschers are trouble-free to take care of, all that is desired to keep the fur in first-class state by doing brushing it from time to time to eliminate any loose and dead hairs and avoid infection.

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