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Basque Shepherd Dog


Basque Shepherd Dog


The Basque Shepherd Dog originated in the Basque region of Spain is a purely breed dog used for herding purpose by local shepherds. They are sometimes called as Basque Sheepdog, Euskal Artzain Txakurra asque Sheepdog, Euskal Artzain Txakurra, and Pastor Vasco.  Being a dog with strong body it requires an excessive amount of exercise to avoid developing a destructive behavior.


The Basque Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest dog breeds. Skeletal remains in Neolithic caves were found of almost 12,000 years ago. They are demonstrated paintings of the sixteenth century there are representations of the Basque Shepherd Dog. In January 1996, the Royal Canine Society of Spain recognize the Basque Shepherd Dog as a breed with two varieties: Gorbeikoa and Iletsua.



The color of dog’s coat is generally Golden or Rustic Copper. Sometimes it also comes in Mahogany Merle, Red Merle, Solid Mahogany, Blue Merle, Solid Black and red. The dog’s coat is lush and long with either straight or slightly wavy. Their rough coat is longer over the entire trunk and short over the head.

Their sizes vary from 52 to 58 cm for males and 46 to 53 cm for females.

The Basque Shepherds are clever animals with instincts and very faithful companions. It is suitable breed for a family background .Being gentle and playful they are very good around small children as well as elders. They can be comfortable with strangers once they are introduced to them. These dogs are calm and social able.



Basque Shepherd Dog is obedient and good at agility trials,  rally obedience, flyball, showmanship, tracking and herding events. One can identify that the dog has good herding instincts in their ability to stay close to their family members.   Sometimes sensitive and intelligent but they can be independent and stubborn as well. That is why it is challenging to train them A determined and consistent trainer can effectively train them.



These dogs are very active and needs a regular exercise to drain their energy. They hardly get tired and can play all day long. They can well adjust themselves   in a country or in a town as long as they receive enough exercise regularly. These dogs do not do well if kept indoors. They are also good at swimming but not well developed for it.

They have lifespan of about 12-15 years.

Basque Shepherd Dog


The breed needs a good workout regularly including both physical and mental. Though he is physically able to live outside in moderate climates, he is emotionally unsuited for a life in the yard. His coat requires brushing or combing one to two times a week.

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