The Bearded Collie is a Smart and lively creature. The Bearded Collie began its existence in the Scottish countryside handling uncontrollable sheep in field and farms. Although a many of these sociable dogs still serve their purpose, the breed is more normally found as a companion for families rather than tending farm animals.


Bearded Collie



The Bearded Collie’s past is a mixture of reality and myth. Kazimierz Grabski, in 1514 a Polish business man, traded a shipment of granule for sheep in Scotland and brought 6 Polish sheepdogs to move them. A shepherd from Scotland was so impressed with the herding skill of the dogs that he traded many sheep for several dogs. The Polish lowland sheepdogs were bred with local Scottish dogs to create the Bearded Collie.

It is generally approved that in 1944 Mrs. G. Olive Willison founded the new Bearded Collie with her brown bitch. The bitch (Jeannie) was apparently a Shetland sheepdog, and accident Mrs. Willison received a Bearded Collie. She was so mesmerized by this dog that she wanted to begin procreation, so she began searching for a dog for her bitch. Once she was walking along the beach, Mrs. Willison met a man who was moving from Scotland, she became the owner of his grey dog, Bailie of Bothkennar.

Bailie and Jeannie of Bothkennar are the originator of the present breed.

The breed became famous during the end of the 20th century. In 2005 the Bearded Collie Club celebrated its Golden jubilee.


General Description

This average size dog has a lean and long body that is covered with hair. As a race, Bearded Collies are physically powerful and alert. They have powerful well-built, legs that permit them to be able to take sharp turns, sudden stops and quick starts in keeping with their sheepherding inheritance. This breed can keep up such action for prolong period of time and in every weather condition.
Bearded Collies have a big, plane head. They also have a small, full muzzle with a cubic black nose. Extended hair covers the regular sized ears which suspend close to their head. Their teeth are big and should meet in a scissors bite. These dogs also have broad set of eyes, which should well match with their fur colors. A Bearded Collie should have a curious expression. Except when a dog is eager, its tail will be low.



Bearded Collie


These dogs weigh between 40 to 60 pounds (8 to 27 kg). The males of this kind should ideally have length between 53 to 56 centimeters (21 and 22 inches) at the shoulder and for female Bearded Collies should be about 51 to 53 centimeters (20 to 21 inches) tall at the shoulder.




The Bearded Collie has a waterproof twofold coat. Their external coat is flat and irregular. The undercoat is spongy and furry, which keeps them warm during the unkind Scottish winters. Puppies of this breed are fawn, brown, blue, or black in color. Fur colors in this race may change occasionally until they are about a year old.



A daily herding job will keep this energetic breed cheerful and well exercised or else Collies need a brisk jog, a long walk or a dynamic play session on a daily basis. Their long coats need brushing once in a while. As with any kind of dog, these collies also require monthly medication to avoid heartworm, tick and flea. Their nails should be trimmed as desired.


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