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These smart French herding dogs have been well-liked in their native country for many years. Beaucerons do well in a diversity of dog sports and make excellent pets for farm families and farm animals.

The Beauceron is a herding dog and guard dog breed falling into the category of working dog who originated from Northern France. The other name by which this breed is also known as is Berger de Beauce which means sheepdog from Beauce.



Beauce used to hunt undomesticated hogs in its early years, France the origin of Beauceron breed. In fact, a Renaissance document from 1578 is the first recorded report of this dog breed. In the end of 1809, a pastor named Abbe Rozier wrote an editorial on French herding breeds. He named the lengthy haired range Berger de la Brie and the undersized haired variety Berger de la Beauce after regions in the nation. These dog breeds are now called the Beauceron and the Briard.

The French Societe Centrale Canine was established in 1882 and the club registered its 1st Berger de Beauce after eleven years. Now the breed began to be called “Beauceron” in later 1888. During both the world wars they served as messenger dog, because they were known to be easily trainable, cautious of landmine and obedient. In 2007 the AKC (American Kennel Club) documented the breed.


General Description

Beaucerons are sturdily built, well-balanced dogs that have served many special purposes over the centuries. These dogs have muscular jaws, a attribute that is no doubt helpful when dealing with farm animals predators. This breed is also known for its quickness (agility). Beaucerons can cover a lot of ground while maintaining a fluid walk. When in action, the head will be lowered in level with back as is classic for herding breeds. These dogs have a straight but coarse external coat of average length. It is united with a thick, silky basecoat that helps Beaucerons survive in the worst weather conditions. While the strange twice dewclaws on the hind legs of these dogs serve no useful purpose, this seems to be a French ritual for farm animals guardian breeds and could probably have denoted better herders at one time. This trait is now a trademark of the breed.




The males and females of this kind should measure in length from 24 to 27.5 inches (61 and 70 cm) at the withers. These dogs will weigh between 66 and 100 pounds (30 and 45 kg) on average.



The typical coloring for Beaucerons is either black and tan or tan and grey. The final color grouping is recognized as squirrel-red in French as “rouge ecureuil. These mark patches of tan, gray and black.  Dogs with harlequin coats dot not have white spots and should have more black than gray spots. In the tan and black dogs, the tan markings are greatly synchronized by the breed standards.



This extremely active race will need plenty of work out and mental stimulation on a daily basis. If they are dirty their ears will need to be checked and cleaned every week. Beaucerons should be brushed couple of times a week with a natural spine brush or rubber hound hand to take away loose hair because they shed whole year. It is a good idea to regularly clean these dogs’ teeth for fresh breath and strong gums. Beaucerons require their toenails cut once a month. Like any other dog breed, they require heartworm, flea and tick medications on a monthly basis.

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