Know about Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)


Belgian Malinois


The Malinois or theBelgian Shepherd Dog is a class of dog, occasionally categorised as a variety of theBelgian Shepherd Dog, rather than as a distinct breed. The Malinois is known in the United States by the alias Belgian Malinois. Its title is the French word for Mechlinian meaning: shepherd dog from Mechelen or Mechelaar one who belongs fromMechelen. It has proved to be working dog for performing tasks like the detection of odours like explosives, narcotics and accelerants; for search and rescue missions; for chasing humans for suspicioushesitation in police work.



Like all Belgian Shepherds, the Malinois is a square-proportioned and average sized dog belonging from the sheep-dog family. The Malinois has a small mahogany coat with black patterns. It has black upright ears and a black nose. It has a muscular build in comparison to the German shepherd.


Coat and colour:

Due to its past as a working dog, the breed can vary significantly in looks. The usual colors of pure-bred Malinois vary as a base colour fawn to mahogany and tan with a black mask and ears with some grade of black tipping on the furs, giving an intersection appearance. The shade tends to be brighter with rarer black agouti or overlay on the underside of the dog, breeching, and inward leg. White colorations are also acceptable on the toes’ tips and its chest, until the white on the chest does not spread up to the neck.

The other varieties of Belgian Shepherd are renowned by their coats and colors: the wire-coated Laekenois is brown and lacks the black mask and black ears,the Tervuren is the same color but it has long hair, and the Groenendael has long hair and is dense black.



Male dogs are about 24–28 in and the males are heavier at 29–34 kg while females are about 22–24 in at the withers and have weight of about 25–30 kg.


Belgian Malinois



The Well-raised dogs of this breed are considered to be intelligent,protective, friendly,alert and hard-working. Belgian Malinois are said to possess energy levels that is the highest of all dog breeds.. Many have extremely high victim drive. Some may be extremelyenergetic or playful, especially at the young age. They can be destructive if not provided enough stimulation and workout. This often causes glitches for owners who are unskilled with the breed and are not ready to offer the exercise they need or a job for them to do. They are recognized as being very easy to train because of their high drive for rewards.



Malinois can participate in

  • dog agility trials
  • obedience
  • showmanship,
  • Flyball
  • tracking
  • herding
  • Schutzhund

Herding is a common activity in America. Herding instincts can be calculated at non-competitive herding tests. In 2011 alone, the Belgian Malinois, were awarded 39 new herding titles by the the AKC.



The average lifespan of the Breed is estimated to be 12–14 years. The major health problems widespread to the Malinois contain

  • cataracts,
  • epilepsy,
  • thyroid disease
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • hip dysplasia
  • pannus,

These problems have been reduced with the help of selective breeding.

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