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Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Sheperd


The Bergamasco is one breed of dog which has its origins in the Italian Alps especially in the region of Bergamasca valley, nearby Bergamo  where it was originally used in herding and guarding sheep.



The Bergamasco is usually a medium size dog. It is well-proportioned and pleasant, possessing a rustic look. The Bergamasco has a angular body. It is a firmly compact dog with a tough, dominant build that provides it great resistancedeprived of taking away any of its alertness and speed of movement. The Males in the breed weigh 32–38 kilograms, while thefemales weigh 26–30 kilograms. Their height is approx. 54–62 centimetres (21–24”) and the life span is 13 to 15 years. The rims of the lips are well coloured. The skull is wide and the eyes are dark in color and the ears are high. The back is well-muscled with a coat which is dense, rich, long and abundant.The texture feels harsh. The undercoat isshort but dense.


Coat and color:

The breed’s most characteristic feature is the uncommonly natural designed coat, a normal and healthy sign of the breed. The coat is categorized by three types of hair: the fine, the dense and the oily undercoat, long tougher hairs alike to hair of a goat and a top woollen outercoat. The three types of hair qualitycollected as the dog turns older to become flat mats or flocks. The mats begin from the backbone and go down the sides, growing every year to touch the floor. The colour of the furr coat can be varied from a grayappearance or silver gray (merle) to a combination of black to coal, with brown tints also intermixed. These colors may have worked as a cover-up while working in the mountains. The dogs of these breed are born with short, smooth fur, which gradually develops the distinctive mats as the dog gets older.



The Bergamasco is an observant,alert and serene dog breed with decent self-control and balancing qualities. This breed is suitablefor even guarding and this dog could prove as agood companion dog. The Bergamasco creates close link with his owner. Violent or very shy behaviour is a mistake.





Bergamasco can be a competitor in dog alertness trials, flyball,showmanship, obedience, chasing, and herding events.Trainability and herding instincts can be measured at non-competitive herding tests. Bergamasco showingsimple herding instincts can be taught to compete in herding trials.The Bergamasco is also used in Switzerland and the Alps (Italy)to herd cattle. The cattlemen set the dog free and the dog carries the herd back to the stable even after lacking human management. Bergamascos are frequently photographed herding cattle, but they are reallyexcellent cattle dogs, who can execute work even in a mountain environment.



Health info for this breed is scarce. The lone health studyseems to be a 2004 UK Kennel Club survey, which had a sample size of 0 dead dogs and 10 alive dogs, far too rare dogs from which to draw any assumptions or conclusions.


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