Berger Blanc Suisse

The Berger Blanc Suisse also known as White Swiss Shepherd Dog in English is a class of dog which belongs from Switzerland. It is of the similarrootsfrom where the White Shepherd and the German Shepherd Dog come and these dogs have been recognized as a separate breed by the FCI.



The first German Shepherd Dog waslisted by the Society for German Shepherd Dogs. At the conception of the German Shepherd Dog type, all tints were recognized. It was in the first ten years of the 20th century that the white prototypes started to be omitted in Europe.

In America the first White Shepherd club was started during the 1970s. In the meantime, the breed was seen again in Europe, at first in Switzerland, then came next Denmark and then in Germany.Gradually, the European cytologicalpeople began to open their stud files to the White Shepherd.

In 1966, the white furred dog called Lobo was born in the U.S. and was registered in Switzerland. The Berger Blanc breed was renowned in Switzerland in the year 1991 and in the Netherlands in the year 1992. The Czech Republic of,Austria and Denmark also accepted the breed.



The Berger Blanc Suisse dogs come under a calm breed. They are patient, very intelligent and learn with no trouble. They are popular for their loyal attitude to their family and may be cautious around strangers, but they do not show shy or fearful behaviour. Some people think that to create its caution, the Arctic Wolf was assorted with the breed, but this claim is doubtful and uncertain. The Berger Blanc Suisse gets in the list with other dogs and is considered to show excellence in training, such as agility,rescue, search and obedience. They are even found doing defence work, though they are not used for that very frequently and are not permanently up for the job. They are also used as to support dogs and infrequently for mushing.

The charm of the Berger Blanc Suisse is gentler and smoother than that of the German Shepherd Dog, but when it comes down to the difference part  they can be very much capable of and will guard their family and the familiar once.


Berger Blanc Suisse



Berger Blanc Suisse can contend in dog agility trials, fly ball, tracking,, obedience, showmanship, and herding events. Herding naturesand trainability can be estimated at non-competitive herding exams. Berger Blanc Suisse displaying thesesimple instincts can be taughtskills to compete in herding trials.

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