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Black Mouth Cur

The Black Mouth Cur originated in the Southern Eastern United States of America. It is a kind of hunting and cattle dog.

Black Mouth Cur

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These dogs have various documentation which lies with Mr. L.H. Ladner, history dependent on region recognised by National Kennel Club in 1964 which includes the Southern Black Mouth Cur of Alabama, Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur from Mississippi, Foundation Black Mouth Cur of Texas and the Florida Black Mouth Cur.

The Florida Black Mouth Cur, used for herding livestock, are characteristic in old paintings hanging in local barber shops and homes, hence their virtue and history in Florida is documented.


The Southern Black Mouth Cur, is originated in Alabama, which are there in Tennessee and Florida. The Howard Line of Southern Black Mouth Curs was first registered Line of Black Mouth Curs, with a legitimate, and documented outside source. These were recorded along with the courthouse around Howardtown, Alabama. The dogs were bred about 100 years prior to the registration. It is the descendants of Old European Hounds, and Molloser breeds, which are extinct now. The breed has multiple uses such as hunting, protecting house and to gather the pigs and cattle at slaughter time. By the labours of a number of Black Mouth Cur breeders, the United Kennel Club later documented the breed.



The Black Mouth Cur is an indisputably muscular, sturdy, rugged Southern dog. The coat comes in a variety of shades of yellow, fawns and brindle. None of the breeds of Cur is been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The breed has lifespan of 12–16 years.



Black Mouth Curs have short coats, either coarse or fine, and a combination of the two types may appear in the same litter. Some BM Curs are born with heavier coats and some are born with lighter coats; these two different coat types can appear in the same litter.


Black Mouth Cur

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The muzzle of the dog is square-shaped. Some of them have a mask, which is often black. As the name Black Mouth depicts the breed has dark pigmentation around the lips which extends to the interior of the mouth, excluding the tongue. It has medium-sized hanging ears and has the same colour as the coat. Black Mouth Cur has medium length tail. The chest is deep and solid. The feet are large and webbed.

Height: 16-25 inches and Weight: 45-95 pounds.


Black Mouth Curs are loyal and fearless. They are great family dogs and have a burning desire to please their masters. They need training to behave like a social dog. They are good with children but needs a trainer to project authority over the dog. As they grow older they become very laid back. They are great hunters, and needs a great deal of regular exercise and never retreat. During the hunt, trailing is semi-open with a chop or yodel acceptable on tree or at bay.

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