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 Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd also known as the Chodsky pes or the Chodenhund is a breed of dog which is recognized nationally in Czech Republic. It is not recognized by the FCI or any other major kennel club.

 Bohemian Shepherd

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It is an old sheepdog kind of breed. They have been also guarding Bohemian south-western boundaries and homes in the providence of the Chod region. “Chodove“, ate the local people who live there and possess an exceptional permission to hold giant dogs for this purpose. Alois Jirasek, wrote about the uprising of the local people, even designated these dogs as a symbol of flag for them. Though this is incorrect, as the symbol became an element of national knowledge because of the drawings of a well known Czech painter named Mikolas Ales. The symbol of the Chodsky pes is still there on young Czech scouts badges.

As this breed is a bit old, it is also that possible that it is one of the predecessors of the German Shepherd. This usually exists in the Czech lands long ago in the 14th century, but they were professionally bred in as fast as in the 16th century. A new breeding event was organised for this dog which was started in 1984 and today there are many breeders in quantum there are about 3500 registered pups which were born since this program is initiated (1984–2009).




The Bohemian Shepherd weighs about 35-55 lbs and is 19 to 22 inches in height. This breed has long and thick fur with a rich undercoat which helps him to survive in harsh weathers. They have compact and well proportioned body with high set, small, erect ears and a long graceful neckline. Unhurried gait is one of the classic characteristic of this breed.

Bohemian Sheperd

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This breed needs low maintenance, despite the long hair. In the summer normal shedding of the coat is expected.



The Bohemian Shepherd has lots of energy and can prove itself as an ideal dog for someone who is very active. This breed is not aggressive and can be trained easily. They are excellent with its owner, his family, children and other pets. These dogs have great agility and an intense sense of smell make it a great companion for handicapped people, a very good rescue dog and an outstanding watch dog. Thus it can be said that this breed has a stable, peaceful and friendly temperament.

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