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The Bolognese is a Bichon kind, little breed of dog, which originated in Italy. Its name came from the central Italian city- Bologna. It can be said as a toy dog or a companion. They love seek attention and are very good house pets. They can easily socializing with other whether big or small.


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They belong to the Bichon family group which comprises of the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, Coton de Tulear and Lowchen. Though there are some likeness but these dogs are a bit different. It is an ancient breed of noble origins, and has its roots connected with Italian Aristocracy.

The precise ancestry about them is an ambiguity. Its closest relative within its group is the Maltese. They are named after Bologna, which is a city in the northern Italy, thought to be the place of their origin.




This is a small, white, cute, compact dog with a unique single white coat. It is small, stocky, well muscled and square shaped. The head is of medium length. The skull is a little ovoid. Its muzzle is black, large and almost square. It has black lips and a developed jaw and teeth aligned evenly, and quite strong. Ears are set high and are long and hanging but rigid at the base. The tail is carried curved over the back. The dog’s height varies from 10.5 to 12 inches for a male and for female it is 10-11 inches with weight approximately 6to 14 lbs.



The distinctive single coat falls in loose open ringlets all over the body and shorter hair on the face. The hair has woolly texture which sheds and needs regular combing to avoid texture is woolly, as opposed to silky, and is never trimmed or clipped unless kept as pets. The hair sheds but a little, but requires regular combing and brushing to prevent rug. The coat requires daily brushings with monthly grooming recommended plus also needs regular hygiene and bathing.



The dog’s characteristics include: playful, earnest, easygoing, intelligent, willing and loyal. They are calm and normally are of type. They enjoy companionship and have a strong relationship with its owner.

They are real companions and prosper on their owner’s notice. They are known to follow their owners to the places they go. They are welcoming with strangers but need time at the younger age to get familiarise. These are true watchdogs, but are not the persistent barkers. When they notice anything unusual and different they faithfully notify it to their owners. They get mix with the other dogs but feels more happy when they are the only digs of their owners.

Ideal owners of Bolognese include families with children, retirees, and city dwellers. They are a preference for counsellors or therapists and many psychologists use this breed as an emotional support breed.


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They feel happy to lie about and around the house; they should have a daily walk. A good walk would be around half an hour once or twice in a week. They are effortless to coach but gets bored with the repetitive movements. They flourish on diversity so it is best to change or augment actions to make them engaged and thinking. They positively respond to gentle training methods, reinforcement and consistency. They do not like shouting or severity.



The average life span is about 14 years but can live up to 18 years but some live 10 years who have some genetic health issues. They are known to act like puppy till the age of 10 years of age and are able to maintain aspects of youthfulness throughout their lives. They are typically active well into their senior years. The dogs do not easily prone to various health issues.

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