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 Braque du Bourbonnais

Braque du Bourbonnais

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The Braque du Bourbonnais originated in the Province of Bourbonnais, France. This breed can be traced back as far as 1598.  The Braque du Bourbonnais is considered one of the most ancient pointers of the pointing breeds developed in France. The breed was described in French literature as early as the late 1500’s. Even then, the breed was known for its keen hunting instincts. The strict adherence to a naturally tailless dog and stringent color requirements resulted in a dog based on appearance rather than performance. Through the dedication of these early French breeders not only has the Bourbonnais survived extinction but is now firmly established in its native country and is present in the United States, Canada, Finland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, and other countries. Today the breed is in all sense of the word a continental breed, an “all purpose” gun dog not a specialist like the English Pointers and Setters. The Bourbonnais is now firmly established in the United States.



The Braque du Bourbonnais is a chic, shorthaired, muscular, medium-sized inform dog. Head: Rounded in each direction. The axes of the bone and muzzle area unit parallel, or slightly divergent toward the front. The stop is slightly marked. Facial region: Nose is that the same color because the coat, nostrils well open. Muzzle is robust and wide at its base; frustum in form. Bridge of the nose is straight or terribly slightly bell-shaped. higher lips concealing lower lips, not too thick. Eyes area unit big; hazel or dark amber in colour, per the colour of the coat. Ears area unit set at eye-line level or slightly higher than and should extend slightly below the throat in their natural position. Neck: Muscled and solidly set into the shoulders. Body: Withers area unit muscular and protrusive. Slight convexity at loin level.Short, solid, wide and muscular, very firm. Chest is wide, long and deep, reaching or extending slightly below the extent of the elbow. A vertical line from the purpose of the body part falls before of the purpose of the hock. Stifle is well angulated. Coat: Fine, short and dense hair. The hair is also to a small degree coarser and generally to a small degree longer on the rear. The 2 colors area unit areliver and fawn. They’re powerfully to moderately ticked, with doable recognizing. Constant spot shouldn’t cowl each eyes.


Braque du Bourbonnais

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The painter du Bourbonnais may be a calm, lovesome family companion. once searching they’re filled with passion, cautious, balanced, cooperative and intelligent. they need a stimulating simple adaptation to the foremost varied terrains and game. This intense inform dog has a capability to coach simply and quickly. they’re people-oriented and not happy if isolated from the family. they have human leadership. The painter du Bourbonnais isn’t suggested for lodging life. This breed will best with an oversized yard and searching family. These dogs want daily exercise. attributable to this breed being people-oriented, they like to reside within the home with its owner and family, instead of be kenneled outside. they’re well balanced and cooperative.



Exercised sufficiently, a minimum of once each day, they create a awfully agreeable family is created to heel beside or behind the human. Ne’er before, as within the dog’s mind, pack leader goes initial. This breed is bred to hunt; therefore it prefers a vigorous outside life. While not family society and daily exercise, it will become damaging or depressed. If not searching, they are doing get pleasure from long, daily walks.



These dogs square measure bound up in a very medium-sized package that’s simply maintained with their short, negligible shedding, “wash-and-wear” coats. like all breeds, ear cleanup, nail filing and bathing ought to be done once necessary.

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