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Burgos Pointer


Burgos Pointer

Burgos Pointer is a breed of dog which belongs to Spain. Originated from Castile, especially in the province of Burgos, this hardy breed is used for hunting and has some outstanding features for small game.


 Origin of the breed

It is an ancient breed dating back to the 1500s and originating in the widespread Castilian plateau. This breed has participated in the creation of other races of this group. It is believed that this breed has descended from a mix of the Sabueso Espanol and the Pachon Navarra. This breed was used as a specialist on the deer for most of its history but today is used mainly on quail, partridge and hare.



Burgos Pointer is perhaps not so style crystallized as other breeds in their group (like English Pointer), but clearly conveys its robustness. They have noticeable long pendulous ears and two folded sheets in the form of double chin. It has compact body and solid legs and is short coated and square in proportion. The tail is usually cut off a third of its original length.

Head: It has a large and powerful head with a well developed skull, a strong foreface and has hanging corkscrew ears. The head is moderately rectangular when seen from above, and narrows progressively towards the nise, but does not have a pointed muzzle. The skull is slightly longer than the muzzle and the planes of the skull and the muzzle are divergent.

  • SKULL- broad, round and convex in profile. With a well marked median furrow and a slightly marked occipital crest.
  • MUZZLE-straight in profile or slightly convex towards the nose, broad in its entire length.
  • TEETH-a complete set of evenly spaced, white teeth meeting in a scissors bite.
  • NOSE-dark brown, wet, large and wide
  • EYES-medium size, almond shaped, with tight lids.
  • EARS-set at eye level, large, hanging and triangular in shape.

Colour: It has two colour variations: one where the basic colour is stained and is combined with brown sometimes. The other one is brown, where the basic colour is brown which is , in this case, white spotted.

Coat: The fur is short, bushy and smooth.

Height: The height varies in males from 62 to 67 cm (24 to 26 inches) and in females from 59 to 64 cm (23 to 25 inches).

Weight: The weight of this breed varies from 25 to 30 kg (55 to 66 lb).


Burgos Pointer



If kept in its natural environment, it demands less care, given its perfect adaptation to its environment. Being a hunting dog, it also requires daily exercise and large dose of wide open spaces to run around.



It is a gentle and quiet dog who rarely startled easily. It is not a dog that fits well in urban environments.



It is an intelligent animal and easily learns things related to its hunting job.



It is used for hunting in exclusive countryside environments, for both hunting for hair (of hare, rabbit, etc.) and for feather (of birds). It is perfect for hunting in any hard terrain as it possesses an enviable physical endurance and speed.

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