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Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Carpathian Shepherd Dog

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The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a breed of livestock guarding breed native to Romania.  This breed is thought to be very ancient and may be a direct descendant of the earliest livestock guarding breeds. The most widely held, and perhaps the most likely, holds that the breed is directly descended from the very first livestock guarding breeds. Although it is impossible to say with any certainty what the earliest livestock guarding breeds looked like, a new theory has developed.

Most of these breeds are native to mountainous regions where it is thought that they were able to survive the introduction of the more popular Mastiffs.  These breeds are referred to as Lupomolossoids because they are more wolf-like than Mastiff-type dogs. A final potential ancestry for the Carpathian Shepherd Dog holds that the breed is descended from any number of dogs introduced to the region by nomadic invaders from the East.



The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is very similar in appearance to Romania’s other native breeds, especially the Bucovina Shepherd Dog and the Raven Shepherd Dog.  This dog is famous for its wolf-like appearance, and many breed members do appear as though they have some recent wolf ancestry.  This is a definitely a large breed, but certainly not a giant one. The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a very powerfully built animal, but it is far from bulky.  When compared to most Mastiff-type dogs, this breed is significantly lither.  This breed is noticeably longer from chest to rump than it is tall, giving it a rectangular appearance.  The tail of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog is quite long.  When at rest, the tail is held low with a saber like curve.  When the dog is moving the tail is often carried upright, but never over the back. The head and face of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog are very wolf-like.  They are obviously very powerful without appearing heavy.  The skull is wide, slightly domed, and narrows towards the eyes.  The muzzle and skull are semi-distinct, but blend in very smoothly.  The muzzle itself is approximately the same length as the skull, but never longer.  The muzzle is oval and wolf-like with thick, tight, and dark lips.  This breed has a complete and powerful set of teeth that meet in a scissors bite.



Carpathian shepherds who have been socialized well tend to be extremely loyal and dedicated to their families. They don’t tolerate threats and, if necessary, will fight to the death to keep their loved ones safe. Because of their traditional work guarding flocks of sheep, these guys can and do think independently and can be strong-willed. If you aren’t confident in your leadership. Carpathian shepherd can become dominant, demanding and even aggressive. Carpathian shepherds might not be best friends with other animals, but their guardianship often extends to pets they’ve grown up with. Again, socialization is very important in these dogs. Carpathian shepherd needs a job in order to be fulfilled. These dogs tend to be very focused, serious, hard workers. Unless you live on a farm, he probably doesn’t have herds to guard, but you can keep him challenged in other ways. Unlike most guardian breeds, the Carpathian Shepherd Dog usually is very accepting and tolerant of other dogs.  This breed was bred to work in packs to defend its charges and most breed members greatly prefer the company of other dogs.  Dog aggression is far from unheard of in this breed, however, and many breed members are initially very suspicious and challenging towards strange dogs.


Carpathian Shepherd Dog

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This breed was developed to wander through the treacherous mountain terrain of the Carpathians, following its masters and flocks for days on end.  As a result, the breed has a very high exercise requirement.  This breed requires at least an hour of exercise every day, although it would prefer to get significantly more.  The Carpathian Shepherd Dog will gladly go for a jog or a bicycle ride, but probably prefers to get most of its exercise at a walking pace. Breed members who are not provided a sufficient outlet for their energy will almost certainly develop behavioral problems such as destructiveness, hyper activity, over excitability, excessive barking, aggression, and nervousness.



The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a low maintenance breed.  This dog should never require professional grooming, only an occasional brushing.  Other than that, only those routine maintenance procedures that all breeds require such as teeth brushing and ear cleaning are necessary.  There do not seem to be any reports on the Carpathian Shepherd Dog’s shedding, but this breed is almost certainly a very heavy shedder.

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