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Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Carpathian Shepherd Dog



In March 1998, a group of fan of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog founded the CSDC (Carpathian Shepherd Dogs Club). The club was then renamed as the National Club of Carpathian Shepherd Dog Breeders.



The Carpathian Shepherd Dog has been used for centuries by the Romanian shepherds in the Carpathian Mountains to protect the herds and watch the camps. Choice was based upon the performance rather than breed type until the first race standard was written in early 1934.It is said that they there blood line can be traced back approximately 9000 years. The Carpathian Shepherd Dog developed from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. These dogs have been the enduring companions of Romanian shepherds since centuries, and were bred for usefulness rather than looks. Their major task was to defend the herd from predators and thieves. They were developed to be alarming guardians of sheep and goats. These days, they are still used to protect flocks, but are also working as general purpose farm dogs, home and family guardians and a good pet.



The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dog is a large sized animal with a physically powerful and energetic body covered with hair. The head is also big, with tough teeth which make a fair bite, while the muzzle is medium sized ending with a big, black snout. The ears are also covered in hair and are medium sized too and always hanging down on each side or a bit backwards tilting when the dog is paying concentrating to something. They are quick, never clumsy and have an enthusiastic look. The body is rectangular, with a wide croup that is somewhat inclined. It is enormous and high-chested, and has a elongated and a little inclined shoulder. The body is gigantic and strong, rather long than tall a bit, has strong skeleton and a wide and tall chest. It is not a heavy dog. The head is strong, huge, with a pointed, well developed nose, a bit shorter than the skull, which is cambered. The eyes are not too big comparing with head, almond-shape dark. They are not prominent and neither deepened in eye pit. The ears are V-shaped, caught a bit higher than the head’s level. The neck is solid and strong.


Carpathian Shepherd Dog



They are also quite immune to many diseases and have the capability to thrive in different climatic conditions. The fur of these dogs is such that they can handle different weather conditions with any trouble. As they are large dogs, owners should be cautious of their dog getting bloat. Bloat is often preventable by feeding some small meals every day instead of one large. Work out and water an hour before and after eating can keep them fit.



They need habitual brushing helps keep the fur of a Carpathian shepherd dog healthy and removes any dead fur as well. Brushing of the fur several times a week is especially essential during the spring shedding phase. During parts of the year, when there is no shedding, infrequent brushing or combing of the coat will suffice. The weather resistant coat nearly cleans itself. Irregular brushing will help the good condition of the fur. Dirt and mud that clings to the coat would shed off when dried. Dogs should be bathed only when required as everyday bathing will remove the weather proofing of the fur. As with any other race of dogs nail trimming and ear cleaning must be included in the regular grooming.


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