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 Catahoula Cur


Catahoula Cur

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The Catahoula Cur is an American dog breed named after Catahoula Parish, in the state of Louisiana, in the United States. that the breed originated some time in the 19th century, after French settlers introduced the Beauceron to the North American continent. The Catahoula was named after a Parish in northeastern Louisiana and after the mottled spots on its coat The French told of strange-looking dogs with haunting glass eyes that were used by the Indians to hunt game in the swamp. and the theory states that the Beauceron and the Red Wolf/war dog were interbred to produce the Catahoula.In 1979, the breed was designated the state dog of Louisiana.. It is also called the Catahoula hog dog, reflecting its traditional use in hunting wild boar.



The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog dog is a medium to medium-large sized, short-haired, with a broad head, floppy ears small and medium enterprises, and an undocked tail set in a natural extension of the topline. The Catahoula is well muscled and powerful, but not bulky, giving the impression of agility and strength. The Catahoula is a moderate breed and should not resemble either a greyhound or a bulldog in appearance. The body is slightly longer than tall. The topline inclines very slightly downward from the withers well developed to a new level. The back is broad and well muscled with a short, strong, slightly arched. The chest is deep, reaching at least to the elbows, and moderately broad. When viewed from the side, the anterior chest extends in a shallow oval front of the front legs. Tuck-up is apparent, but not exaggerated. The croup is medium to long and slightly sloping. The Catahoula has a single coat, short to medium length which is flat and close to the body. Texture ranges from soft and thick.



The lively self-confidence, gentle, intelligent, loyal to their masters, very friendly. Catahoulas are highly intelligent and energetic. They are assertive but not aggressive by nature. Catahoulas in general are very even tempered. interaction with the dog is a daily requirement. The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is independent, protective and territorial. Loving with its family and all people it knows well but can be reserved with strangers (this would include strange children). Socialize well, preferably at a young age. They need to be allowed to come up and smell a person. They mature right around 2 years of age. Affectionate with his master. Some do well in apartments while others do not. It all depends on the lines of the dog and how much time an owner spends with the dog and how much exercise it receives. Catahoulas need attention. They need to be kept inside in really cold weather, as they are a single-coated dog.


Catahoula Cur

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The coat should always comb, but also often check the ears, should be vigilant the lumbar disease and gastrointestinal torsion, after a meal do not strenuous exercise. When not hunting, this breed needs to be taken on a daily walk, jog, hike or run. In addition, they will enjoy running free in a fenced-in yard or safe open area. When Catahoulas play they can be very noisy and physical. They do need exercise and will start getting into trouble chewing, digging, barking, etc. if they don’t get it. But, they are not a high energy level dog.



Since the Catahoula is a short, single-coated dog, the grooming needs are minimal. They should have a bath a couple of times of year (unless they get into something and get filthy) and a good brushing once a week. The nails should be trimmed regularly and the teeth kept clean. This breed is an average to light constant shedder. When nervous or stressed, they have a tendency to shed more, especially when you are petting them.

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