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 Chien Francais Tricolore


Chien Francais Tricolore

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Recently (1957) creation, it comes from the intersection of Anglo-French tricolor with the Poitevin, Billy and perhaps the Bleu de Gascoigne. The standard in 1965. In France it is bred and kept primarily as a hunting dog, not as a pet or show dog. The breed has been exported to North America, where it is recognized by the United Kennel Club in its Scent hound Group.



The French tricolor dog is a distinguished, elegant, good constitution and muscular. The head is not too big, but rather elongated; occipital protuberance marked. The eyes are large and brown, sometimes black surrounds. The look is smart. The ears are larger than those of Poitevin, attached to the eye level, slightly facing forward, not too soft; pulled forward, it is preferred that they reach the base of the muffle, but they do agree least two fingers. The tail is rather long, carried high and elegantly. These dogs are hardy, strong, brave, and tenacious, and they love to hunt. They’re often used for hunting large game, and they work in packs. The coat of French hound is black and white.


The French tricolor is a versatile dog current, active and strong, the big nose. A tireless worker, used mainly for hunting deer, he is proud and courageous work, but gentle and friendly family. Independent character, it is not very easy to train (especially the recall because its hunting instinct is very high), but it is quiet and kind to children. It needs a lot of exercise. This large Anglo-French hound requires an immense amount of exercise. They are normally kept in large packs in rural areas and may not adapt well to city or family life. At home, he is calm, patient with children, but requires a lot of physical exercise.


Chein Francis Tricolored

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They can be somewhat stubborn and require training. The Great Anglo-French Tricolor Hound is rarely kept as purely a pet; it’s a working dog that requires extensive space and lots of exercise.



All French hounds have an odor that their humans fans are familiar with. If you want to keep this dog at bay, regular bathing is necessary. Dirt and debris should be brushed from the hound coat regularly. Like any other breed of dog this dog needs attention paid to ears, teeth and toenails.

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