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Chilean Fox Terrier


Chilean Fox Terrier

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The Chilean Fox Terrier is a breed of Terrier developed in Chile by crossing the British Fox Terrier with local Chilean dogs.    The Chilean Fox Terrier, also known as rat hunter, Chilean Rat Terrier or Chilean Terrier, is the first Chilean breed of dog existing from 1870 and standardized in the late 1990s for international recognition. Its base is made up of the Fox Terrier of the mid 19th century and Native American dogs. The Chilean Fox Terrier is the first Chilean breed of dog. These dogs were originally used to help exterminate rats in the urban areas of Chile, and therefore are also known as the rat hunter and Chilean Rat Terrier. Although the modern Fox Terrier can only trace its ancestry back a few centuries, it is descended from a much older lineage.  Originally, Terriers were primarily kept by poor British farmers. Because no breeding records were kept, it is impossible to say exactly what local Chilean dogs were used in the development of the Chilean Fox Terrier.Later in the year 2007, the National Chilean Terrier Club was established, thereby giving due recognition to the breed and working on its widespread adaptation.



The breed is most famous for its appearance in the popular comic strip Contortion, but it is also known for its great skill as a vermin exterminator and suitability for life as a companion dog.

This dog does have a unique appearance, and experienced Terrier fanciers would have little trouble telling these breeds apart after a quick examination.  Part of this difference comes from the Chilean Fox Terriers great variability. The head and faces of the Chilean Fox Terriers are the breed’s most variable characteristics.  The head and muzzles combine to form a triangular shape, broadest at the back of the skull and narrowest at the tip of the muzzle.  The forehead of this breed is usually slightly convex; making it appears that the top of the skull slopes gently into the muzzle.

The muzzle itself is medium to long in length, but it is usually somewhat shorter than that of the Smooth Fox Terrier.  The muzzle should always appear powerful enough to quickly and easily kill rats.  The lips of this breed are tight-fitting.  The nose of the Chilean Fox Terrier is always black on tricolor and red dogs but is brown on chocolate dogs.  The ears of the Chilean Fox Terrier are usually small and high set, but their shape is quite variable.  Standards call for dogs that with ears that are forward facing and partially erect but with drooping tips, but individual dogs often have fully dropped, backwards facing, sideways-facing, rose-shaped, or a combination of two different ears.  The eyes of the Chilean Fox Terrier are small and usually dark in color, although lighter eyes are acceptable on dogs with lighter coats.


Chilean Fox Terrier

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This breed tends to be very loyal to its family, with whom it forms close bonds.  Chilean Fox Terriers are usually very affectionate with their families, though they are generally not fawningly affectionate.  When raised with a family’s children, most breed members do quite well with them.  However, this may not be ideal family dog for very young children because not all breed members are especially fond of rough play. Chilean Fox Terriers often develop dog aggression issues.  Terriers of both sexes are naturally dominant and combinative with other dogs, especially other dogs of the same sex. The Chilean Fox Terrier is considered to be highly intelligent.



Untiringly active and playful, he has a special passion for ball chasing — which really helps with exercise — and he seldom walks when he can run.


The Chilean Fox Terrier is a relatively low maintenance breed.  These dogs should never require professional grooming, only a regular brushing.  Other than that only those routine maintenance procedures which all breeds require such as nail clipping and teeth brushing are necessary.  There do not seem to be any reports on the Chilean Fox Terrier’s Shedding.

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