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The Chippiparai is a vision chase breed of dog belonging to the southern part of India. Considering being a successor of the Saluki, nowadays it is found in the region around Periyar Lake. It is used mainly for hunting undomesticated boar, hare and deer. It is also used for guarding the home. Bred by imperial families in Chippiparai near Tamil Nadu, it was reserved as a icon of dignity and royalty in tirunelveli and madurai rulers.



The Chippiparai race of dogs belongs to the Tamil Nadu region of South India. A few of them also exist in Kerala, around Periyar Lake. Chippiparai dogs are hunters, they are sight hounds that rely on their sense of vision and pace to spot, pursue and murder the prey. Chippiparai dogs work quickly and silently, and can efficiently hunt hare, deer and wild boar. Now days it acts like a ideal watchdog, guarding its master’s residence with full loyalty.

The blood line of Chippiparai is supposed to be connected with an Egyptian breed of dogs known as Saluki, who is also known as the Royal Dog of Egypt. Maybe, these Arabian sight hounds accompanied their masters, who could have been invaders, travelers or certified soldiers, to India, and afterward on bred with some local kinds of dog. Chippiparai could be a result of such a connection. Its strong physical resemblance with Saluki makes the link between the two a more likely one.





The characteristic color is beige, slight black tinged fur, silver-grey, and reddish brown with very limited or may be no white markings and long bent tail. Other colors, mainly variations of fawn and gray, also occur. This is a medium height dog, almost 25 inches at the withers.  It has a short fur that is very close, on the whole the fur if kept groomed has a shine on it. A shining, shell-like appearance is very much preferred. This kind of coat makes it perfect for hot climates.

This hound is also less prone to fleas and ticks, with their short fur providing trouble-free detection. The overall exterior is very similar to that of the Rampur Greyhound or the Sloughi.



Usually the breed is in good physical shape. Though strong enough to manage within limited means and harsh weather circumstances, but the breed does suffer from cold weather. They have certain common health issues such as food allergies  and sensitivity to anesthesia.



Being so close to the skin, the fur is less prone to tick and flea infestations, as the fleas or lice don’t get sufficient space to hide, and as results are trouble-free to detect. Furthermore, due to the short fur, Chippiparai doesn’t even shed much, putting the efforts at grooming to very smallest amount. Even the negligible grooming can bring a shine to the short fur of the dog.

There is no requirement for professional grooming, what all is needed is normal brushing, infrequent bath and standard maintenance schedule like nail clipping.

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