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Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel




The Clumber spaniel is a long, rectangular in shape and with massive bone. This build, in mixture with a deep chest, heavy brow and strong hindquarters, enables the dog to move through wide underbrush when hunting. The fun is in a straight line, even, spongy and thick, resistance to weather. The white shade helps the hunter trace the dog. The clumber tends to hunt close. It moves with no trouble, tending to roll somewhat because of its broad body and short legs. The look is soft.

Among the most low-keyed and relaxed of generous breeds, the Clumber spaniel is nevertheless a hunter at heart, prepared all time for a day in the field. At home it tends to be calm and may even need to be forced into work out. It is one of the few sporting race appropriate for city life, even though it will relish walks and outings. The clumber makes a good pet, particularly devoted to one person.



Little is really known about the breed’s origins, but experts say that Duc de Noailles of France delivered his loved spaniels to his English counterpart to save them from the horrors of the French Revolution. Then the dogs were sent to the Duke’s Clumber Park estate, from where they acquired their breed name. Interest in the breed continued through the 19th century. They also became popular with the British aristocracy. Royal fans of the breed included The Prince Albert and Edward VII.


Clumber Spaniel



Because Clumber Spaniels are bulky boned and fast growing, they can suffer from short-term lameness from between six to twelve months of their age, with this laziness subsiding when bone growth is complete. Another ordinary condition that the race suffers from impacted anal sacs and the dog may need them to be emptied by a veterinarian. The final ordinary condition that this breed has is heat sensitivity, if Clumber Spaniels are left with no shade, they can become awkwardly hot and dehydrated.

In addition, Clumbers frequently have trouble conceiving and giving birth, and may need caesarian sections. Some dogs may suffer from sensitivity to anaesthesia. The most general severe health circumstances in the Clumber spaniel are ctropion / entropion eye conditions, hip dysplasia and spinal disc herniation.  They have a median natural life of around 10 years.



The fur needs brushing two to three times weekly, even though in dirty areas he may need more regular bathing in order to keep his fur a shiny white.

The clumber enjoys a daily outing, but his work out requirements can be met with a long walk on leash or a hike in the field.

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