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Cordoba Fighting Dog


Cordoba Fighting Dog


The Cordoba Fighting Dog is an extinct class of dog. The breed was popular as fighting dog.



The Cordoba Fighting Dog is a extremely capable and agile breed. This breed was developed the second largest city in Argentina that is in Cordoba. Thus the name is kept Cordoba Fighting Dog. The Breeders was developed as a response to the demand for a breed that could be used in combats.

The Cordoba was a crossbreed created by mixingof English bulldog, Bull Terrier, Mastiff and Boxer. The fighting dog so developed was a large breed, typically having 25 inches height and at the withers with a chiefly white coat although dogs with different colored coats are also seen.



The Cordoba Fighting Dog was renowned for its readiness to fight to the death and willingness to tolerate high pain.Thebreed had such strong violent nature toward other dogs that not just the males, the males and females would rather fight than mate.The breed is so agrressive that many members of this breed died in the dog fighting pits, resulting to the breed’sdisappearance.

The breed was also popular for hog hunting and as a watch dog. The breed was said to possess incredible courage, willpower, and fierceness. It got extinct by the mid-20th Century. The Fighting Dog’s families live on in its inheritor the DogoArgentino who is directly derived from this breed. In the 1920s, breeders created the Dogo by crossbreeding the Cordoba Fighting Dog with other breeds namely the English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, and Dogue de Bordeaux. DogoArgentino is fortunately not as violent as its ancestral breed.



The dog is strong, dynamic and has immense energies but it lacks stability. If this breed have been alive today it is highly likely that this will be one of the expelled breeds. These dogs, no matter how well trained will still apparent its violent temperament. The dog can  never be a good pet. Due to their large size and the vicious temperament the dog will be dangerous to people. It can attack its owner. It is a dangerous companion especially in a family with children.


The Cordoba Fighting Dog was precisely developed for battle. Before this breed became extinct, it was usually used by mobs and offenders to watch hoards of illegal imports and drugs because of their terrible and scary appearance. The Cordoba Fighting Dogs can now only be seen in photos as this breed is now extinct. This great breed’s look is described as a fraction between a Mastiff and a Boxer. This dog possessed well-muscled body with strong and broad shoulders. Wide chest provide plenty space for lung and heart. The dog has ordinary nose. Ears are usually overlapped. They had Powerful jaws with strong teeth to provide them with a firm grip. The short coat is mainly white with dark spots on the skull and on the body.

Cordoba Fighting Dog


Over breeding is one of the explanations why this breed is now non-existent. Inbreeding has caused to deafness, membrane problems and other hereditary health worries. However, if this breed is still existed today, it would not want an extensive training routine. These dogs are typically kept in houses. They are appreciated for their fighting aptitudes rather that for their looks thus a proprietor of this breed can be away with rare coat brushing.

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