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Cretan Hound

Cretan Hound

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The KritikosLagonikosis a hunting class of dog belonging to the island of Crete, in Greece. It is from the oldest hunting kinds in Europe, with a history of 4,000 years ago.

This is a multi-talented dog which owns directly to Crete. It has brilliantsmell, speed, quickness, durability, that makes it an exceptional tough hunter. These especially have guarding skills and pastoral instincts.


It is an ancient hunting class, whose survival on the Greek island of Crete is famous in writing for minimum 3500 years. It was widely cultivated and was used by Minoan civilization majorly.  It was known for trailing and streaming chase, as always it used to hound and catch wild rabbits and hare on the harsh land of its native place. Their associates came from Africa but they were then adapted to this exclusive home of Crete, an island which was faraway to host further different breeds of animals too. Because of aggressive back against outer enemies, the Cretan crowd is a freedom-loving sprint, proud and self-governing, rather mistrustful and even obstinate. They don’t like giving these dogs to others and till today the best specimens are hidden from the world. Breeding exercises’ are brutal and the limit that skilled the locals to sterilize all but the top males and destroy the dogs that were lacking in the hunt.



The Cretan Hound is a dog breed which is slim, somewhere stands in between a smellhound and a sighthound, especially light on its feet also sturdy in loin, it is adopted because ofits swift reflexes and high speed over dangerous and rocky land. The dog has wedge-shape head, which is elongated and dry, also havingpiercedand very mobile ears which fold backwards just as a greyhound’s while chasing. A vital breed characteristic is the tail curved upwards as long as, which forms a ring and shields as a brush of longer hair beneath. The dog is longer than its height, with slight angulations, smaller legs and considerably good muscle; the dog has spacious rib cage but neither very broad nor too curved and it doesn’t reach the elbow. There must be a stable relation between its speed and stamina, perhaps for its quickness.

The colours of this class can range from:

  • pure white,
  • sandy
  • cream
  • fawn
  • grey
  • black or brindle
  • bi-coloured or tri-coloured.


Cretan Hound

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For Males the height varies from 25-27 inches (60+cm)

For females the height varies from: 19- 21 inches (50+ cm)

Weight: males and females can range from 44-66 pounds which is 20–30 kg.



The Cretan Hound uses vision and smell for the hunt and they have a propensity of taste the above ground or ground scent, even from pebbles and stones. Their tail moves in circular style when the prey is sensed also their hound becomes stiff, before the chase begins.

The class is reserved with strangers, it’s in naturecurious and tolerant. It barks less but will notify strangers approach; at the farm it will kill mice and rats and the latter use will make the animal lazy and untidy in the hunting; its company needs the dare of the true chase.

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