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Croatian Sheepdog

Croatian Sheepdog

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The Croatian Sheepdog is a local Croatian class. It was brought down by the dogs belonging to the Croats from their original native place to the region they live today that is Slavonia, from the arrival of their time.

This Croatian Sheepdog is very intelligent, active, energetic and active breed also keen for human companionship.



As per the documentation the look of this type of dogs has been similar from 14th century to the current day. Most likely because it possesses an outstanding hereditary feature of working sheep and cattle, a kind of balance was maintained in its appearance because its selection was carried out on basis of its usability.

The data about Croatian Sheepdogs(Canispastoraliscroatius) were found in the Djakovo by veterinarian Prof Dr StjepanRomic since 1374.  The document announces that the dog’s height defined till 18 inches with dark coat and short hair.

Also mentions that the migration of breed took place during 7th century while the period of the Great Migrations to Croatia from their original homeland.




The Croatian Sheepdogs hold their basic colour as blackperhaps there may exist very small patches of white on its upper body and toes.They are of lower medium height and on its fox-like head and legs they have short hair which is a significant quality of the kind. One more feature is that the remains of its fur are wavy or curly with considerable length. The sizes at the withers in males and females varies from 16-21 inches. The length exceeds from the height by 10% approximately.

But these days, even taller dogs are found in these breed, which are certainly because of good nourishment and an easier life – their growth is to their full heritable capacities.
Traditionally, the tail is tied up very short, but if not it is bent over the dog’s back.

There are some of the further descriptions about the breed’s appearance such as the back is straight, short and muscular. Loins are short and firmly united where as the chest is normally long, broad and deep. The rib is well sprung and fore chest is slightly pronounced. The transitions to the neck are in a straight line. The belly is a little tucked-up.

The height in males and females varies from 16-21 inches (40–53 cm.) and the weight from 29-43 pounds (13–20 kg.).


Croatian Sheepdog

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It is healthy, defiant to disease and cheap to keep. It expresses a well-grown herding nature and is a brilliant watchdog.

In past, these dogs often used to drive herds of pigs and this versatile class even herded the horses from Đakovo’s stables. Its abilities are depending on its origination from working line, or its desire.


The Croatian Sheepdog is excellent for dog sports. It is a very active and playful dog who doesn’t enjoys sitting at home. They need outing and proper workout. They can compete in dog quickness, compliance, showmanship and tracking. Croatian Sheepdogs displays basic herding nature and can be skilled to compete in herding trials.


Croatian sheepdogs are more often cared very well. This king is easy to clean: an infrequent brushing to get rid of dead hair and a bath if muddy, is all it needs. This class is a normal shedder and does not shed much.

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