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The Cursinu is dog’s breed which originated from Corsica since 16th century, but went turning down while late of 20th century. Though it was saved and came in light with the Société Centrale Canine. This breed is used for various purposes and work, it does not have any precise health issues.


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The famous breed was mainly used as a farming dog and for its versatile hunting feature on the island till the 1950s. During the period half of 20th century this kind of dog was troubled because of the opposition from continental classes. The L’association de Sauvegarde Du Chien Corse took place to protect the breed in 1989.

The Société Centrale Canine, a French kennel club was the main reason for the recognition breed during 2003; it is located in the spit land as a primitive group in breeds.

As the time went and human needs arouse this breed proved to be multifunctional including hunting.



The breed size varies in both males and females from 46–58centimetres (18–23 in) at the highest part of back in male dogs being a little big than females. Their fur can be highlighted, with various colours because of the fawn quality they may be black and tan or brown. Under the class standard the company of a melanistic mask is permitted. On some parts like the chest or the legs certain white markings can be present. The fur of the dog is almost stuck to the body, and dewlaps are absent in the breed.

  • The head is roughly flat, regular wide, which varies from females and males to a range of 1 0 to 11cm. The lines of the head and muzzle are differently patterned.
  • The nose is large, dark coloured, and the nostrils are open. The mouth is of truncated shape like triangle, also has its upper line to be straight. That is comparatively thin. The lips are thin, flat, tight and enough pigmented. The lower lip is not covered by the upper lip. The cheeks being the significant part of the face they are lean. The eyes are of oval shape.
  • The shoulder is heavy and muscular. The skin is stretched and tight. The major element of its body is that being very powerful without extreme heaviness I the body. Back line of the breed is prominent straight and considerable large.
  • The tail is wrapped around. It is both of long and of normal length It is for all time thick and covered with hair.



Having been used with a purpose as of Sheepdog it also categorises as a versatile breed, and as herd cattle and in some cases chasings too. In hunting it is most commonly used Wild boar, but it has been also made itself in role of fox and hare. It requires further more guidance than other breeds, and can come up as enjoyable mates to its holder.



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As such it has no breed precise health problems.


Fault :

Separately considering all inherited defects are mentioned as below:

The breed is violent and afraid. The head is kind of molossian having smooth hair. Any dog if screening abnormal behavioural or physical order will be defected.

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