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The Dachshund is famous for a short-legged, long-body. This breed belongs to the hound family. The normal size dachshund was farmed to trail, hunt, flushburrow-dwelling animals and out badgers, while the mini dachshund was originated to chase smaller target such as rabbits.Dachshunds are one of the most prevalent dogs in the US, positioning 10th in the 2012 AKC record-keeping statistics.They were used to hunt prairie dogs in the American West. Today, they are reared as family pets and for conformation shows.They are often nicknamed as wiener dog or sausage dog as they have long and narrow build.



Although they are being categorized under the hound groupin the United States and Great Britain, there are some arguable statements coming from the fact that the word “Hund “is comparable to word hound. Several dachshunds, particularly the wire-haired subclass, may display behaviour and look that are related to that of the terrier group. A disagreement can be made for the scent group arrangements the type was originated to use scent to trace and chase animals, and perhaps inclined from scent hounds, like the pointers, Basset Hounds, bloodhounds or even Bruno Jura Hounds. In the Fédération Cynologique International or FCI, the dachshund is in point of fact in its own group that is Group 4, which is the dachshund group.




A typical dachshund’s appearance include

  • Long-bodied which is muscular
  • Short and stubby legs.
  • Paws are unusually large and paddle-shaped(used forexcavating).
  • Along silky coat with short featherings on legs and ears
  • Loose skin preventing tearing while tunnelling.
  • A deep chest that grows lung capacity providing stamina.


Coat and Color:

Dachshunds have three coat varieties namely short hair, long hair, and wire-hair. Wirehaired is the minimal to be seen that too in the US and the most current coat to look in breeding standards.

Dachshunds can be single-colored; single-colored with spots; and single-colored with bronzed points plus any design. Dachshunds also be piebald. The most common color is red along with black and tan. Dual-colored dogs can be black,chocolate, fawn, wild boar, with tan markings over the ears, paws, tail, eyes. Other patterns contain piebald,  that is a white pattern is levied upon the base color.



Dachshunds come in three sizes

  • standard
  • miniature
  • kaninchen(rabit)

The standard and miniature sizes are familiar universally, the rabbit size is not known by clubs in the US and theUK, but is renowned by all of the clubs within the  FCI.



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Dachshunds are playful but they may be quite stubborn when comes to hunting, and are identified for their tendency for rushing small animals or creatures, birds, and tennis balls with great willpower and fierceness. Training them becomes a challenge as numerous of them are very stubborn. It is a sporty dog. Dachshunds are proven to be more aggressive to both foreigners and other dogs. In spite of this, they are regarded in the intellect of canines as anormal working dog with a tenaciousskill to follow skilled commands half of the time or more.Some of them have a loud bark and growl for long while others will not bark much at all. Dachshunds are known for their commitment and faithfulness to their masters.



The breed can have several health issues:

  • spinal problems, particularly intervertebral disk disease due an very long spinal columnand petite rib
  • The breed is also prone to patellar luxation (the kneecap dislocated).
  • Orthogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease)
  • Vision and hearing loss, including reduced or absent eyes in some double dapples
  • Genetic problems include dental issues, epilepsy,various allergies, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, Cushing’s syndrome, thyroid problems and atopies.

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