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Deutsche Bracke


Deutsche Bracke


The Deutsche Bracke is a class of dog developed in an area of Germany called Westphalia. The Deutsche Bracke comes under the type scent hound, mainly used for the purpose of hunting both small and large game. The class,rather by the version of the name, German Hound, is commonly referred to as the Deutsche Bracke in English.



The Bracke are an earliestkind of hound. Their typicallong earlobes andthin heads or skull makes them distinct breed and separate from other categories of hounds, and might show effect of the Greyhound or the olden Celtic hounds. The Bloodhound orthe St. Hubert’s Hound may have provided to the Bracke’svocal sound, the characteristic call prepared by the dogs while hunting game. Over an extendedera of time Brackegrew into a diversity of local forms.

In 1896 the Deutschen Bracken Club, encircling all of the local kinds of Bracke in northwest Germany, was made in Olpe. The breeds were combined in 1900 as one type and were legitimately designated as Deutsche Bracke.

Hunting with the Breed in early times was carried out in mounted hunts, with hunters riding horses  and hounds following them, as was done in case of the olden Celts hunting deer. Many of such sport were developed by the 16th century, which did not need the expenditure of horses and big shelters, and utilized firearms, called Brackade.Nowadays, the Deutsche Bracke is commonly used to hunt not justdeers and bunnies, but also fox. Frequently it is hunted individually as a leash hound, in demand to hunt on minor areas.



Deutsche Bracke


Factually, the term Bracke was first sound in German to refer the scenthounds. Brack is an ancient Low German term for a coastal marsh sometimesdrowned by storm floods with salt water-the English word salty. In Europe, scenthounds are naturallyisolated into running hounds or leash hounds. The Bracke are generally used as running hounds, in packs, to chasebunnies or tricks in a type of chase called Brackade.



The Deutsche Bracke is a tiny hound who has withers of 40 – 53 cm (16 – 21 ins) with long hanging ears and a long thin tail. It is distinguished by a long, rather narrow skull, and a rectangular body which is called as “well-designed”.

The dogs’ chest is deep which is seen to reach below the elbow. The ribcage is elongated. The back is slightly arched. The build is muscular  and the croup falls away a little.

The coat has stiff, almost coarse, small fur, usually tricolored with red ,tint of yellow with a black mantle), with white patterns called Bracken marks – a white nose, legs, collar ,chest, and end of the tail, and a patch on the head.


Health and characteristics:

No precise diseases or claims of strange health have been known for this breed. As per the original German class club, although it is a chasing dog it is loving and welfares from living with the family rather than in a shelter. It is a very determinedchasing dog with a good intellect of direction.



  • The Deutsche Bracke possesses various characteristics which are listed below:
  • Friendly with kids and family
  • Friendly and easy going with cats
  • Friendly with other pets
  • Intelligent and easy to train
  • Prove out to be a good watch dog
  • Is not hypoallergenic
  • Adapts to the environment and circumstances
  • Playful and skillful


Connected breeds:

  • The Deutsche Bracke is connected to the
  • WestfälischeDachsbracke
  • the Drever, ( the Swedish Dachsbracke).
  • The AlpenländischeDachsbracke
  • theTirolerBracke

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