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Georgian Shepherd


Georgian Shepherd

The Georgian Shepherd is an Aboriginal pooch from the Georgian mountains in the Caucasus. It is an antiquated working breed from Georgia. The Georgian shepherd is identified with the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and the Russian “Caucasian Ovcharka”. There are two sorts of Georgian mountain pooch: short haired kazbegian puppy called “Nagazi”; since quite a while ago haired Georgian mountain canine. The shorter covered Georgian Mountain Dog is an antiquated working breed from Georgia.



Georgians were calling this puppy “Nagazi”. It has been utilized as a sheep gatekeeper puppy for a considerable length of time. The breed is to a great degree prevalent in Georgia.


The Cynological Federation of Georgia has had a strict fight with the Russian league of Cynologs about Caucasian Shepherd pooch. In 2012, the International Cynological Federation will choose which national breed is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog as an aftereffect of this warmed examination.

In the wake of evacuating the vast majority of the Georgian Nagazi from Georgia, Georgian aficionados with backing from the Ministry of Environment started undertakings to the districts of Georgia to depict and take photographs of the remaining Georgian shepherds. Georgia began promoting the breed utilizing TV and printing articles about Georgian shepherds to promote the breed. After the soviet breakdown, Georgia started afresh to advance this canine. Today the Georgian primary objective is to breed Georgia’s antiquated white shepherds (likewise other Georgian shepherds) which are uncommon. Tragically, Georgian shepherds are still utilized as a part of puppy battling.



The Georgian Shepherd’s one of a kind aim is to secure creatures. Distinctively they are extremely striking. Additionally they are exceptionally bold and solid willed. On the off chance that the canines are not prepared well, they carry on fiercely and you can’t oversee them. It is astoundingly smooth, mindful, strong and intense. It doesn’t recognize people, it has no clue about and it has a compelling urge to protect. Everything and everyone who fits in with the family, including children, distinctive canines, and cats along these lines on will be seen by this puppy as a segment of “its” family and will be respected and watched. This pooch should not to be permitted to sit unbothered with adolescents. It has no time for outsiders. Then again it will welcome family allies warmly. It might be decently predominant over distinctive obscure puppies.

A few Germans use the puppies as first watchmen and check. This is not a canine for everyone. It obliges a holder who knows how to show gigantic power and who is energetic to contribute a huge amount of time for institutionalizing and preparing. They are not proper for the flat life. They lean toward space. They do well in expansive arrangements. They want to live outside with the best possible haven. The normal age runs somewhere around 10 and 11 years. The conduct of the puppy is extremely tender towards their expert.


Georgian Shepherd


There are two layer blended sacks. They are short and long. The spread is far over as anybody can recollect haired variety requires persistent brushings. They give watchful thought to the spots where tangle may happen. The short haired arrangement needs less prepping.



As one of the titan canine breed, Georgian Shepherds are a portion of the greatest canines on the planet. Due to their stature, Georgian shepherds fall into the Molosser classification. Male Georgian mountain puppies develop between 75-85 centimeters in tallness, and 65-85 kilograms in weight. Physically, these canines are unequivocally boned, bulky, and sports, with a vast head and compelling legs. Georgian mountain mutts have a tendency to be emphatic, overcome, and caution. Shepherds customarily utilized Georgian mountain pooches for guarding sheep from predators.

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