Know about Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange

Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange

The Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange, also known as the Great Anglo-Francais White and Orange Hound in English is one of the dog breeds used for hunting in packs and usually as scent hounds. This breed is one of those Anglo-French hound breed which were created by crossing of the French scent hounds with Anglo or English foxhounds.

Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange

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The Great Anglo-Francais White and Orange Hound is a large and powerful hound which shows its resemblance with the English foxhound. This breed has long legs, dropping ears, long tail and stand around 60 to 70 cm or 24 to 28 inches at the withers.

Their head is quite short and broad with a fairly short muzzle. The muzzle acquires squareness due to the extension of the lips over the lower jaw. They have a perfect set of evenly spaced teeth of white colour which meet in a scissor’s bite. The nose can be found to be black or orange brownish in colour. They have large and dark eyes with thick ears which set on eye level and turn in slightly.

The Great Anglo-Francais White and Orange Hound has a white coloured coat with the marks of colour white-lemon or white-orange, such that the orange should not appear as red at all. Any kind of deviations in appearance or structure which effect the health, appearance and the working ability of the dog are named as faults. It has been stated that the dogs with any faults, like aggression, shyness, excessive dewlap or butterfly nose etc. should not be bred at all.


Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange

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History and Use

The Great Anglo-Francais White and Orange Hound is a descendant of the crosses of the breeds Billy and Foxhounds. In 1957, all the Anglo-French breeds of hounds were officially given the name as “anglo-francais”. This breed is basically used as hunting dogs to hunt large animals like Roe Deer, boar or the smaller ones like fox. Just as the other varieties of this breed, the term “Grand” does not refer to their size, instead it symbolises the large hunting games which they are used for.

The Great Anglo-Francais White and Orange Hound is recognized by the French Kennel Club in France and internationally it has been recognized by the Federation Cynologique Interantionale in Group 6 of scent hounds. thus breed has also been exported to the North America where it is recognised by the United Kennel Club in the group of Scent hounds in 2006. These are mainly used for hunting animals and not as the pets or show dogs. This breed has also been recognized by various minor kennel clubs and even registered on the internet as rare breed for those who wish to have a unique breed.


Health and Temperament

There has been no documentation about any severe health problems or allergies about this breed. Generally these dogs are bred for hunting and so are not much suitable to be used as pets. Their temperament may vary from dog to dog.

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