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Guatemalan Dogo


The Guatemalan Bull hunting dog is additionally called Dogo Guatemalteco. It originated in Guatemala in Nineteen Thirties associated continues to be an unknown and rather rare breed outside its country of origin. though’ Dogo Argentino and Pit-bull hunting dog might seem as this dog’s progenitors as a result of its stark similitude to each breeds, the dogs are literally the results of cross combination between Dalmatians, Dogue Delaware Bordeaux, Boxer, Bull Terriers and fighting dogs of Cordova. Bloodlines of those families area unit the foremost revered purebred Guatemalan Bull hunting dog these days.

Dogo Guatemalteco

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The researchers conducted on durable breeders have unconcealed that the Guatemalan Bull hunting dog have originated for the Dogue Delaware Bordeaux, Dalmatian, Boxer, Bull hunting dog and from the currently extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog. The Brobdingnagian endurance of the breed was attributed to the Dalmatian, trainability and intelligence is that the contribution of the Boxer. The Dogue Delaware Bordeaux and therefore the Fighting Dog of Cordoba gave the Guatemalan Bull hunting dog unwavering determination, spirit and nice strength. In 1981, the govt of Guatemala Republic of Guatemala Central American country Central American nation} formally named the Dogo Guatemalteco the National Breed of Guatemala.





A Dogo Guatelmateco’s look Associate in Nursing alogous is comparable thereto of the Yankee Pit Bull hunting dog and to an Yankee Bulldog. This dog comes with an outsized and sq. head and sq. muzzle. Ears will be left naturally pendant vogue or cropped to convey a pinscher or Boxer look to the present dog. This dog includes a sleek and dense, harsh to the touch coat that comes in largely white coloring with or while not black patches on eyes and on head. It stands between 22-24 inches and weighs between 55-79 lbs. This breed has slightly adorned lips. Robust teeth meet in an exceedingly cut bite. The ears will either be left in its natural pendent vogue or cropped to create it seem like the ears of a Boxer or a pinscher. The tail will be docked or left in its wild.

A Dogo Guatelmateco could be a rustic dog. This breed includes a tight fitting skin that’s coated with sleek dense coat that’s a trifle rough to the bit. A Dogo Guatelmateco could be a white coated breed. The dog might have a black eyes patch and little black spots on the pinnacle.


Dogo Guatemalteco

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The dog has a courageous, protective nature and is an excellent protector of its family and possessions. Its protective and guarding instincts are one of the reasons for its popularity among crime-hit Guatemala people who keep this dog an a first line of defense against intruders. this strong and ferocious dog would make intruders tremble in fear but the dog remains controlled and calm in the presence of the family. This breed enjoys being with its people. When properly trained and socialized, this dog can be the best friend of a child it has grown up with. A Dogo Guatelmateco though is not a suitable breed for a novice dog owner. A well socialized Dogo Guatelmateco would tolerate other dogs and would learn to accept strangers accepted by the family as guests. This medium sized dog would do well in apartments. This breed is not very active but they would appreciate a long walk everyday or a romp in a well fenced yard.



A Dogo Guatelmateco is a low maintenance breed. This is a short coated breed. Occasional brushing would be sufficient to maintain the good condition of the coat. Frequent bathing will not be necessary as well. A damp cloth rubbed on the coat will be enough to remove dirt and dead hair. Of course the dog would benefit from regular ear and teeth cleaning. Nails must be regularly trimmed as well. This fairly healthy breed is expected to live for about 11 to 12 years.


Dogo Guatemaltecos are energetic dogs that require a substantial amount of daily exercise.  This breed should receive a minimum of between 45 minutes and an hour of vigorous exercise every day.  Breed members that are not provided a proper outlet for their energy are very likely to develop behavioral problems such as destructiveness, aggression, excessive barking, hyper activity, over excitability, and housebreaking regression.  That being said, the Dogo Guatemalteco does not have extreme exercise requirements and will usually be calm and relaxed in the home when it is provided the exercise that it needs.  The Dogo Guatemalteco greatly prefers an opportunity to freely wander a safely enclosed area.

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