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Gull Terrier


Rather than the Bull Terrier, which has an oval-molded head, the Gull Terrier has a smooth, expansive formed head. Gull Terriers have erect ears when completely develop and are generally immaculate white in color, albeit some have slight dark specks.

Gull Terrier

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Starting point The Pakistani Bull Terriers (Gull Terrs) are cousins with the English Bull Terriers. At the point when the sub-landmass was under British guideline, the British armed force brought their unadulterated English Bull Terriers with them. These puppies were crossed with neighborhood breeds to create the Pakistani Bull Terrier (Gull Terr). Not exceptionally normal in different parts of the world, the Pakistani Bull Terriers have been utilized for bear goading and canine battling in Pakistan, however these sorts of diversions are illicit, so these days individuals basically utilize the breed as a gatekeeper puppy. The Pakistani Bull Terrier (Gull Terr) was one of the breeds used to make the Gull-Dongs (Pakistani Bull Dogs). Gull Terriers have been utilized for chasing wild pigs, foxes and frauds.

Gull Terriers are great with kids, however ought to be administered around those they don’t have the foggiest idea. They ought not be trusted with other non-canine pets. Like all mutts, Gull Terriers ought to be standardized from an early age.



This uncommon breed was acquainted with Pakistan and India by the British Raj when they were under British Rule. The British Army brought along their English Bull Terriers who were then between reared with the neighborhood puppies to deliver the breed we perceive these days which was extremely prominent in canine battling and bear teasing because of their bold nature.

The immaculate Gull Terr is conspicuous by his totally erect ears and his practically completely white body.


They nearly look like the way the old nineteenth century Bull Terrier looked. The best purebreed’s originated from the Punjab and Kohat territories of Pakistan.

Purebreed’s which have been crossed with other neighborhood breeds, for example, Bully Kutta’s have edited ears or ears which aren’t completely erect and are known as the Typical Type Gull Terrier. They are more regular around Pakistan. Aside from their ears being diverse, they are greater, heavier and they are likewise found in distinctive shades or with patches of color against white while the Purebreed is constantly white.



Pakistani Bull Terriers are regularly careful about outsiders. They are exceptionally defensive of their expert and property. Skilled and effectively prepared, they are combatants and if pushed they will safeguard their family till their final gasp. Great with children in the family, yet ought to be managed around those they don’t have a clue. Standardize this breed from an early age to make them simpler to handle when they are developed. They ought not be trusted with othernon-canine pets. Unwavering, the Pakistani Bull Terrier preferences to stay near its ace. On the off chance that it faculties something isn’t right it will bark first to caution the holders. With satisfactory preparing and order, these canines can be utilized as perfect gatekeeper pooches.

The Pakistani Bull Terrier is broadly mainstream for its quick speed and precision. These mutts are spry, snappy and constantly on their feet. They are fabulous individual gatekeeper puppies. This breed blossoms with firm, steady administration. They require firm preparing and loads of activity. Pakistani Bull Terriers must be given a great deal of structure, or they may get to be ruinous. Make certain to remain their pack pioneer 100% of the time, else they can be to a great degree forceful with different puppies.


Gull Terrier

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This is by all accounts a reasonably solid breed as I couldn’t figure out anything unheard of to pay special mind to separated from that they are inclined to deafness and mange which is normal in all white pooches.

Something worth keeping an eye on is the reproducing genealogy which your puppy originates from. The breed is prominent in Punjab and Kohat but instead uncommon somewhere else, for example, the UK which could mean a little quality pool. In the event that this is the situation then the pooches could be to a great degree ingrained which could result in well being and/or demeanor issues if purchasing out with Pakistan.

A few corrupt reproducers are likewise blending their Gull Terr’s with Bully Katta’s yet at the same time depicting them as purebreeds which is not the situation.



This is a short haired breed so it is not difficult to prep and care for. The cover simply needs periodic brushing.

The layer is smooth and savage and is twice as thick as Western Bull Terrier’s to aid them in their battling and bear goading attempts.

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